LightWaves Images: Blog en-us (C) Steven L Ancik (LightWaves Images) Tue, 22 Aug 2017 18:44:00 GMT Tue, 22 Aug 2017 18:44:00 GMT LightWaves Images: Blog 90 120 Contest win and publications I've had a bit of success over the past couple of years. My photo of The King of Wings ( won in the Landscape and Seasons category in the 2015 Share the Experience photo contest, giving me a free 2-night stay in Asheville, NC and an excuse to go to the Smokies. 

In publishing, I've had a couple of articles in TrailGroove, an online magazine. An article about the badlands of northwestern New Mexico ( and an article about The Vermilion Cliffs where The Wave is located (, and most recently in the TrailGroove Blog, an article about multi-use trails (

The WaveThe WaveThe main attraction in Coyote Buttes North in northern Arizona.

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New pictures! New Mexico BadlandsLow round hoodoos along a mountain biking trail near Gallup, NM I recently returned from a trip to the Southwest - this time to some of the badlands of northwestern New Mexico, on to White Sands National Monument, then into southern Arizona.  I was hoping to get full moon rising and/or setting at White Sands, but high winds that day prevented a moonrise picture, but I still got a few good shots. In southern Arizona, I found some interesting areas to shoot.  Photos soon!

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The Best of 2014 Some of my favorites from 2014

The Great WallThe Great WallBlack-and-white conversion of The Great Wall, on the Navajo Nation near Page, AZ

Lone PineLone PineA single pine surviving in the brain rocks at White Pocket

Zebra Slot #2Zebra Slot #2Zebra Slot Canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument...WOW!

Coming UnhingedComing UnhingedOld house near Guthrie, OK

Arcadia Lake Sunset #2Arcadia Lake Sunset #2Winner in the Landscape category in Edmond's Public Safety Center photo contest!

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Why I named this site LightWaves Images LightWaves Images....first of all, it is a cool name (if I do say so myself) - brings out visions of light moving through the atmosphere, forming waves of colors.  It sounds sort of scientific, which photography is, in a sense. All of the f-stops and shutter speed stuff, technical things about the camera and how it sees light.  Photography is also very artistic, the process of "seeing" a picture before it is taken, imagining how the light will interact with the camera.  Then there is the process of perfecting the whole captured image in the darkroom - these days that's computer software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix, and other similar photo processing programs.  These can, if used correctly, make a good image into an even better one (but not a bad image into anything other than maybe a better-looking bad image).

Second, I became somewhat fascinated with Utah, Arizona, and other areas of the western USA during a mountain biking trip to southern Utah, where a couple of us made a side trip hike to "The Wave", a most amazing location.  I wanted to incorporate this place into my website name too.  Return trips since then have provided me with many more images of some of the many fantastic locations out there and in other locations. The WaveThe WaveThe main attraction in Coyote Buttes North in northern Arizona.

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Just got tweeted...a first!

That photo is available in the "Part of the Grand Circle" Gallery here:

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New pictures from Grand Staircase Zebra Slot #2Zebra Slot #2Zebra Slot Canyon in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument...WOW!

A trip to southern Utah and northern Arizona recently took me to White Pocket, The Great Wall, several slot canyons (including Zebra shown here), Devil's Garden, Coal Mine Canyon, and several other amazing places.  See for the photographic story.  Hikes and backpacking of almost 50 miles was truly worth the effort!

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A trip west Last summer I made a trip through southern Utah and northern Arizona with my wife and daughter.  We visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, and the North rim of Grand Canyon National Parks, plus Cedar Breaks and Canyon de Chelly National Monuments.  We also visited Secret Canyon, a beautiful slot canyon, saw the Colorado River from Horseshoe Bend, and visited several lesser-known places along the way. I didn't get the amazing sunset colors and clouds that I hoped for, but still came away with a bunch of beautiful pictures, some of which are here:  My favorites from the trip are the night shots in Zion and the panoramic beauty that is Bryce Canyon. Enjoy! Secret Canyon #1Secret Canyon #1On the Navajo Reservation near Page, AZ is Secret Canyon, only available for visiting by a tour with the Slot Canyon Hummer Adventure Co.

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The Best of 2012 Just made a book on Blurb containing some of the best of 2012: 

Photos by Steve Ancik


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Arkansas again Spent a nice weekend backpacking and shooting in the Richland Creek Wilderness in the Ozarks of northwestern Arkansas.  Trees were at their their peak of color.  I hiked to and shot several waterfalls and slept in the "Sandstone Castles" which are high up on the side of a bluff - basically caves in the bluff. A beautiful, wild, scenic area. Richland FallsRichland FallsWaterfall along Richland Creek in Richland Wilderness, Arkansas

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New pictures from Arizona-Utah Just got back from a week in the area around Page, AZ. Got some good pictures of the desert, amazing rock formations, hoodoos, slot canyons, and even some on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Amazing colors in these pictures, especially the Cottonwood Cove and Lower Antelope Canyon pictures.  We were treated to a week of sunny skies and warm temperatures.  I am especially pleased with the pictures of the Rimrock Hoodoos - quite a treat to see them up close and personal.

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Model T's Ford Model T Yesterday, I stopped at a house in southeast Oklahoma City where I had seen a yard full of old cars. I knocked on the door and asked if I could take some pictures. The owner said I could, so I did. He told me that he had the largest collection of Ford Model T's in Oklahoma...there must be 20 of 25 semi-complete cars and trucks, and a bunch of bodies, frames, and many parts. These are all older than 1927. It's amazing that some the cars have wooden spokes on the wheels...evidence of their heritage in old horse and carriages and older vehicles.  Take a look at the gallery "It's Just a Matter of Time"

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Arkansas One view of the stream that flows out of Blanchard Springs, in northern Arkansas' Blanchard Springs Natural Area. This photo is processed using PhotoMatix high dynamic range processing to bring out a full range of light from shadows to bright areas. More to come later!

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Went for a ride Well, I went for a mountain bike ride yesterday at Northshore Trail at Grapevine Lake north of Dallas, carried the camera for over 20 miles all the time hoping for some photo ops of the lake, but alas, no such least not worthy of a picture. Saw one cute small waterfall and tried to take a few pictures, but it was quite dark in the creek and without a tripod (who wants to carry that on a long bike ride?) pictures came out just fair. After leaving, it was getting too dark to try any shots of wildflowers along the highway, although there were plenty! Maybe another day.

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Starting up! Well, here goes---my new photography site, with pictures from various places that I have traveled....Utah, Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and more. There are even a few from a recent trip with the High School band to London and Rome. I hope that you enjoy the pictures and hope that somebody might actually buy a few!

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